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Mission:  World Peace Through Laughter
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The Entire World is an Extended Family; Let us join through Love and Laughter!

We live in a stressed-out world!  Very few things can make us laugh while hundreds can make us frown.  Death and destruction make headline news all day, everyday, causing most of us to live in a constant state of worry.  8 of the top 10 prescriptions written in the U.S and over 75% of doctor visits are for stress related conditions! 

We live in a sad world!  Today depression is spreading faster than any other illness in the world and it currently affects 18.8 million American adults.  We are becoming increasingly isolated and individualistic, causing more depression and feelings of hopelessness.

Adults are forgetting how to laugh!  As children, we laugh 300-400 times a day.  This rate drops to an average of 15 times a day for an American adult.  This is because children don't put conditions on their laughter - they laugh just for the joy of it.  As adults we constantly put conditions on our happiness and laughter ("I'll be happy if I get this...", "I'll laugh if you do this...") - we have forgotten how to live in the joy of life.

It is time for you to reclaim your joy!

Laughter Yoga is the answer!  Laughter Yoga is easy and fun and ANYONE can do it!  It reminds you how to laugh just for the joy of it and it cultivates peace and joy in your heart and your life!  It brings you easily into the present moment and immediately dispels all stress and worry!  It boosts your health, prevents illness and rejuvenates your entire body!  It brings forth the very best in human nature and breaks down all instinctive barriers between people!

Come join our Happy-demic!

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